Friday, May 11, 2007

Perspectives on Ideas. May 11, 2007. Fighting. Film. Fire. Food. Fool. Foreshadowing. Fortune. Francis Bacon. Free Speech.

Note: A bold-face statement at the conclusion of a quote is my attempt to express a wordy or convoluted quote in plain English.

Fighting 222 There is one fairly good reason for fighting—and that is, if the other man starts it. T. H. White, The Once and Future King.

Fighting 623 Man had gone on, through age after age, avenging wrong with wrong, slaughter with slaughter. T. H. White, The Once and Future King.

Fighting 627 Everybody wants to fight…but nobody knows why. T. H. White, The Once and Future King.

Film 125 Faulkner: ...because a moving picture is by its nature a collaboration, and any collaboration is compromise because that is what the word means--to give and to take. [Films are a collaborative activity.]

Films and novels 252 John Irving: Movies are the enemy of the novel because they are replacing novels. Plimpton, ed. The Writer’s Chapbook

Fire 525 [Fire as metaphor]: What but my hopes shot upward e’er so bright/What but my fortunes sunk so low in night? Thoreau, Walden. [Like a fire, my hopes shot up during the day, but my fortunes sunk low in the night.]

Food 235 The Viennese will remain happy and carefree because they love so dearly to eat. Irving Stone, The Passions of the Mind (Life of Freud). [The Viennese will be forever happy because they love to eat.]

Food 254 Sam Weller: "Wery good thing is weal pie, when you know the lady as made it, and is quite sure it an’t kittens." Dickens, Pickwick. [Veal pie is good if you know it was not made with kittens. ]

Fool 701 JFK: “If they [the Soviets’ testing of nuclear devices] fooled us once, it’s their fault; if they fool us twice, it’s our fault.” Sorenson, Kennedy [If they fool us once, it’s their fault; the second time, it’s our fault.]

Fool xvi It is related of the great Dr. Clarke, that when in one of his leisure hours he was unbending himself with a few friends in the most playful and frolicsome manner, he observed Beau Nash approaching; upon which he suddenly stopped: --“My boys (said he), let us be grave: here comes a fool.” Dedication to sir Joshua Reynolds. Boswell, Life of Johnson, Vol. 1. [Gentlemen, let us stop laughing and be grave; here comes a fool.]

Fool 371 Johnson: Sir, he does not make fools of his company; they whom he exposes are fools already; he only brings them into action. Boswell, Life of Johnson, Vol. 1. [He does not make the company fools; he is a fool already.]

Fool 597 Seneca: The life of a fool is without contentment, full of alarm, and wholly given to the future. Montaigne, Selected Essays.

Fools 21 Only fools are cocksure. Montaigne, Selected Essays.

Foreshadowing 835 [Mrs. Lincoln] quoted him as saying, “I never felt so happy in my life,” and a fear crossed her as she replied, “Don’t you remember feeling just so before our little boy died?” Sandburg, Abraham Lincoln: The War Years. [Do not express your contentment because it foreshadows disaster.]

Fortune 21 ...he [Kennedy] regarded his own good fortune as an obligation: “Of those to whom much is given, much is required.” Sorenson, Kennedy [Having good fortune increases your obligation.]

Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon 142 Whenever the spirit of control has overcome the spirit of resignation, Bacon’s influence has been felt. Will Durant, The Story of Philosophy, Francis Bacon. [Bacon believed that control must replace a feeling of resignation.]

Free Speech
Free speech 27 Its [free speech's] exercise must inevitably benefit fools quite as much as sensible men…. Mencken, Minority Report. [Free speech benefits the fool as well as the sensible person.]

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