Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Influence. Information. Inhibitions. Inhumanity. Injustice. Innocence. Innovators. Instinct. Institution.

Influence is mirrored by a stone thrown into a pond, with its multiplying circles.
Influence 21 Throw a stone into the stream, and the circles that propagate themselves are the beautiful type of all influence. Emerson, Nature.

The idea of reverence for life will spread from individual to individual, not from mass meetings, radio or TV.
Influence 38 The idea of reverence for life will spread from one person to another, he [Schweitzer] believes, not by mass meetings or radio or television.... Anderson, The Schweitzer Album.

An information society is not as measurable as materials that defined other ages.
Information 21 ...information isn’t as tangible or measurable as the materials that defined previous ages.... Gates, The Road Ahead.

Hyperlinks allow users to jump from one piece of information to a related piece of information.
Information 82 Hyperlinks let users leap from informational place to informational place instantly. Gates, The Road Ahead.

In the world of the future, everyone will have access to most of the world’s information.
Information 111 Everyone will have access to most of the world’s information. Gates, The Road Ahead.

Information is modern society’s source of energy.
Information 112 Information is our source of energy; we are driven by it. L. Thomas, Lives of a Cell.

Inhibitions are caused by conflicts between instincts and training.
Inhibitions 454 He [Freud] knew what caused inhibitions in waking life…a conflict of will, a strong act of volition coming from one’s instinctual nature, opposed by a strong “No!” which arises out of background or training. Irving Stone, The Passions of the Mind (Life of Freud).

Does man have an instinct for inhumanity?
Inhumanity 182 Nature herself, I fear, fixes in man a kind of instinct to inhumanity. Montaigne, Selected Essays.

Life is unfair.
Injustice 47 JFK: There is always inequity in life...some men are killed in a war, and some men are wounded, and some men never leave the is unfair. Sorenson, Kennedy

I am an innocent in an evil world, wearing a white robe that I want to return to God as spotless as I received it.
Innocence 1025 Hilda: But I am a poor, lonely girl, whom God has set here in an evil world, and given her only a white robe, and bid her wear it back to him, as white as when she put it on. Hawthorne, The Marble Faun.

The public is usually unaware of the innovator among them.
Innovators 208 Rarely…is the contemporary mass conscious of the innovator in its midst. Eiseley, The Star Thrower

We should have been controlled by our instincts, living out our lives like mindless clocks.
Instinct 38 Mammalian insects perhaps we should have been--solid-brained, our neurons wired for mechanical responses, our lives running out with the perfection of beautiful, intricate, and mindless clocks. Eiseley, The Immense Journey

Instincts are designed to preserve us.
Instinct 178 Spinoza: Every instinct is a device developed by nature to preserve the individual. Will Durant, The Story of Philosophy, Spinoza.

Instincts are racial habits.
Instinct 376 Spencer: …instincts are habits acquired by the race…. Will Durant, The Story of Philosophy, Herbert Spencer.

Institutions are destroyed by personal interests that are unimportant to the success of the institution.
Institution 278 Waverley had, indeed, as he looked closer into the state of the Chevalier’s Court, less reason to be satisfied with it...contained, as they say an acorn includes all ramifications of the future oak, as many seeds of...intrigue...every person of consequence had some separate object, which he pursued with a fury that Waverley considered as altogether disproportioned to its importance. Sir Walter Scott, Waverley.

Institutions inevitably become rigid.
Institution 382 Spencer: It is the law of all organization that as it becomes complete it becomes rigid. Will Durant, The Story of Philosophy, Herbert Spencer.

In all institutions, beware the humorless man with a sneer—or the torch.
Institutions 269 ...there can be found in all ages and in all institutions--even the institution of professional learning--the humorless man with the sneer, or if the sneer does not suffice, then the torch.... Eiseley, The Star Thrower.

If things appear to be going well and without controversy, not much is going on.
Institutions 629 JFK: “My experience in government…is that when things are noncontroversial, beautifully coordinated…it must be that not much is going on.” Schlesinger, A Thousand Days

The Navy screws up everything it touches.
Institutions 19 JFK: “...the super-human ability of the Navy to screw up everything they touch.” JFK. Sorenson, Kennedy

The cycle of institutions.
Institutions 468 The Round Table: There had been the first feeling, a companionship of youth…the second, of chivalrous rivalry growing staler every year…until it had nearly turned to feud and empty competition…the enthusiasm of the Grail…. Now the maturer or the saddest phase had come, in which enthusiasms had been used up for good. T. H. White, The Once and Future King.

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