Monday, July 2, 2007

Quotes: Labor. Lake. Lamentation. Landslide.

A Collection of quotes on various topics. The sentence in bold face is a plain statement of the quote that follows.

Some have labored and others have enjoyed the fruits of other people’s labor.
Labor 155 Lincoln: But it has so happened in all ages of the world, that some have labored, and others have, without labor, enjoyed a large proportion of the fruits. Sandburg, Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years

The curse of the human race is the attempt to shift the burden of labor onto other people’s shoulders.
Labor 249 Lincoln: As labor is the common burthen of our race, so the effort of some to shift their share of the burthen on the shoulders of others, is the great, durable, curse of the race. Sandburg, Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years

Southern slaves are permanently employed and well cared for; northern slaves are white, of your own race, are poorly compensated and not cared for.
Labor 263 Senator James Hammond of South Carolina: Our slaves are hired for life and well compensated…yours are hired by the day, not cared for, and scantily compensated…your slaves are white, of your own race. Sandburg, Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years.

Thank God we have a system that allows labor strikes.
Labor 276 Lincoln: Thank god that we have a system of labor where there can be a strike. Sandburg, Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years.

Good government is assuring that laborers receive the whole product of their labor [i.e., fair compensation?] .
Labor and government 155 Lincoln: To [secure] to each laborer the whole product of his labor, or as nearly as possible, is a most worthy object of any good government. Sandburg, Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years

A lake is an eye; looking into it gives one a measure of the depth of his nature.
Lake 471 [A lake] is earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature. Thoreau, Walden.

On such a day in the fall, Walden is a perfect mirror.
Lake 473 In such a day, in September or October, Walden is a perfect forest mirror…. Thoreau, Walden.

Lamentations succeed only in re-opening wounds.
Lamentation 47 Lamentations comfort only by lacerating the heart still more…such grief does not desire consolation…feeds on the sense of its hopelessness…lamentations spring only from the constant craving to re-open the wound. Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov.

To see a landslide is to see the side of a mountain deposited in the valley, leaving a permanent scar on the mountain.
Landslide 705 The reader cannot know what a land-slide is, unless he has lived in that country and seen the whole side of a mountain taken off some fine morning and deposited down in the valley, leaving a vast, treeless, unsightly scar upon the mountain’s front to keep the circumstance fresh in his memory. Twain, Roughing It

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