Friday, January 25, 2008

Perspectives on Ideas 01 Summarized

Perspectives on Ideas 01: A Collection of Quotations

Perspectives on Ideas 01 is the first volume of quotes of about eight volumes or as long as I live to publish them, based on a list of books that will be published in my next blog and on topics, listed from A to Y. Each volume of Perspectives on Ideas is based on a different set of books. These are all books that I have read and annotated and from which I have selected quotations that could be of value, both for meditation, thought and reflection and as sources of ideas to reinforce the reader's ideas in writing and in speeches.

What sets this collection of quotations apart from others is that many of the books from which the quotations have been take are unfamiliar. In addition, most lengthy quotes have been summarized in a brief sentence that gives the essence of the quotation in plain English.

The next issues of this blog will contain a list of the books from which Perspectives on Ideas 01 have been taken and a list of the topics under which the quotations have been grouped.

I encourage my readers to send me quotations they have taken from the books they have read. Please include the quote and the name and author of the book from which the quote has been taken. I will credit the sender in using the quote. I would especially like to hear from people who have found interesting ideas in Perspectives on Ideas 01. Look soon for Perspectives on Ideas, Volume 02.

Thank you for reading Perspectives on Ideas 01.


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