Monday, December 3, 2007

Quotes: Thrift. Time. Toast. Tolerance. Tools. Tornado.

True thrift is expending more and more energy in spiritual creation.
Thrift 1010 The true thrift is always to spend on the higher plane; to invest and invest, with keener avarice, that he may spend in spiritual creation, and not in augmenting animal existence. Emerson, The Conduct of Life: Wealth.

A recluse measures time by the progress of sunlight through his room.
Time 57 “A reclusive, like myself, or a prisoner, to measure time by the progress of sunshine through his chamber.” Mellow, Hawthorne in His Times.

One will be inevitably caught by time.
Time 71 Chorus: Caught in the end by Time. Sophocles. Oedipus the King.

For geologists “a little while ago” is a hundred million years.
Time 45 A little while ago--about one hundred million years, as the geologist estimates time in the history of our four-billion-year-old planet.... Eiseley, The Immense Journey.

Time was JFK’s enemy.
Time 623 …time was his [Kennedy’s] enemy, and he fought it to the end. Schlesinger, A Thousand Days

Time has seen cities grow from villages and decline to desolation.
Time 361 [Damascus] saw the foundations of Baalbec, and Thebes, and Ephesus laid; she saw these villages grow into mighty cities, and amaze the world with their grandeur—and she has lived to see them desolate, deserted, and given over to the owls and the bats. Twain, Innocents Abroad.

Time is measured by empires that rise, prosper and crumble.
Time 361 Damascus measures time, not by days and months and years, but by the empires she has seen rise, and prosper and crumble to ruin. Twain, Innocents Abroad.

Schweitzer’s enemy was time.
Time 64 Albert Schweitzer: Time is my enemy. Anderson, The Schweitzer Album.

A toast against his enemies.
Toast 54 “And I tell you…that I’ll make a moor-cock of the man that refuses my toast, whether it be a crop-eared English Whig…or ane wha deserts his ain friends to claw favor wi’ the rats of Hanover.” Sir Walter Scott, Waverley.

A toast to courage.
Toast 110 Toast: To him that will not turn his back on friend or foe. Sir Walter Scott, Waverley.

A toast to loyalty.
Toast 110 Toast: To him that never forsook a comrade. Sir Walter Scott, Waverley.

A toast to the just.
Toast 110 Toast: To him that never bought or sold justice. Sir Walter Scott, Waverley.

A toast to hospitality and against tyranny.
Toast 110 Toast: Hospitality to the exile, and broken bones to the tyrant. Sir Walter Scott, Waverley.

The most intolerant are those who promote tolerance.
Tolerance 103 Even when men league themselves mightily together to promote tolerance and peace on earth, they are likely to be violently intolerant toward those not of a like mind. Hoffer, The True Believer

The love of God, Christ, nation and the oppressed produce bloodshed, terror and destruction.
Tolerance 104 When we see the bloodshed, terror and destruction born of such generous enthusiasms as the love of God, love of Christ, love of a nation, compassion for the oppressed…. Hoffer, The True Believer

Tools eventually revenge themselves against their creators.
Tools 178 …tools increasingly revenged themselves upon their creators…. Eiseley, The Star Thrower

Formation of a tornado.
Tornado 180 Some unknown constellation of events in the upper air had started turbulence whirling in a gigantic circle, and unaccountably this whirling suddenly tightened, pulling itself into a funnel of air that screamed so loudly it drowned the noise of thunder. Russell, Watchers at the Pond.

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