Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Quotes: Superior Person; Superstition; Surgeon. Suspicion. Swearing. Symbolism. Sympathy.

Superior Person
Superior people are free of envy.
Superior person 233 The essence of the superior man is that he is free of…envy. Mencken, Minority Report.

Even the trivial seems ominous to a superstitious imagination.
Superstition 24 There is nothing so inconsiderable, which may not appear dreadful to an imagination that is filled with omens and prognostics. Addison, 3/8/1711. The Spectator.

Surgeons cut and carve living people.
Surgeon 437 “...cutters and carvers of live people’s bodies.” Dickens, Pickwick.

Suspicion makes fools of people and nations.
Suspicion 834 But suspicion will make fools of nations as of citizens. Emerson, English Traits.

It was my tongue but not my mind that swore.
Swearing 99 Nurse: It was my tongue that swore: my mind has made no oath. Euripides, Hippolytus.

What does Lolita symbolize? Young America debauching old Europe or vice versa?
Symbolism 285 Nabokov on the possible symbolism of Lolita: ... “old Europe debauching young America...young America debauching old Europe.” Nabokov, Lolita.

Symbols were a unifying force in mass demonstrations.
Symbols 87 No other party was so astutely aware of the unifying force of symbols in mass demonstrations and as an expression of solidarity. Bracher, The German Dictatorship

Troubled people gravitated to Hester as one who had had a mighty trouble.
Sympathy 344 …people brought all their sorrows and perplexities, and besought her [Hester’s] counsel, as one who had herself gone through a mighty trouble. Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter.

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